Leaders in Mission Critical

A premier, global electrical contractor, Liberty Mission is a leader in designing and building electrical infrastructures from the ground up. We’re unparalleled specialists in Clean Room, Mission Critical and custom electrical projects.

Areas of Expertise

Mission Critical Electrical Construction Services

Electrical Construction

Liberty Mission understands the unique building challenges that electrical contractors face with Mission Critical facilities, and provides its expertise in general electrical construction services for a variety of Mission Critical projects.
Mission Critical Electrical Voice and Data Services


Reliable dissemination of information is top of mind for many businesses, and Liberty Mission is dedicated to delivering telecommunications infrastructure systems that will deliver data through a variety of transmission technologies.
Mission Critical Electrical Maintenance Services

Services & Maintenance

Specializing in both site-based and preventative maintenance and support, Facility Directors trust Liberty Mission to help ensure their systems, electrical and otherwise, function at peak performance and remain sustainable.
Mission Critical Electrical Testing Services


Our experienced team offers a variety of testing services, conducted in accordance with NETA guidelines, including acceptance/preventive maintenance testing of electrical power distribution systems to power system studies, retrofitting, battery maintenance, infrared studies, troubleshooting and 24/7 emergency services.
Mission Critical Electrical Structure Building Services

Infrastructure Build

Liberty Mission has built a skilled project team of architects, engineers and general contractors that successfully take infrastructure builds from concept to completion. Our Mission Critical facilities are built to the highest standards of resiliency, security and energy efficiency, ensuring uninterrupted critical services.

Start-up and Commissioning Services

Electrical infrastructure are one of the most important and costly capital investments made. Any interruption in service means lost productivity.

Start-up personnel utilize standard routines, factory developed processes, to ensure consistent quality across all product lines.

Test procedures performed according to factory specifications ensure optimal equipment performance, across all designed operating ranges.

Industries We Serve

Liberty Mission undertakes a variety of projects across industries, including technology, telecommunications, financial, healthcare and more.

Data Centers

Data centers require the installation and maintenance of reliable electrical systems to keep operations running effectively and without interruption.

Medical Centers

Medical facilities house critical MEP infrastructure that mirror sophisticated data centers, requiring seamless integration to optimize quality and costs.


Infrastructure services keep operations at peak performance and prevent unplanned downtime that can damage equipment and break a budget.
Electrical Load Bank Testing Equipment

Load Bank Tests

Load banks are an asset for any industry, as they ensure the uninterrupted running of equipment in the event of power outages, and are the optimal way to replicate, prove and verify the real-life demands on critical power systems.

Preventative maintenance is necessary to avoid damage or breakdowns, and Liberty Mission offers load bank testing to ensure equipment is working optimally.
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